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Tyco Fire Products Brand
  Valves & Systems

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Model AV-1: Wet System

Economic and simple valve system for commercial and residential applications.


  • Available pre-assembled with modular trim
  • Horizontal or vertical installation for increased flexibility
  • Available sizes include 2-1/2" (DN65) to 8" (DN200)
  • Working water pressure range is 20 to 300 psi (1,4 to 20,7 bar)

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Model DPV-1: Dry System

A dry pipe sprinkler system is recommended for use in environments exposed to freezing temperatures.


Simple, compact valve, which can help to minimize installation and service labor.

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  • External reset
  • Simple reset procedure through the elimination of priming water
  • 250psi (17,2 bar) pressure rating
  • Unique offset single clapper design enabling a simple compact valve to minimize installation labor
  • Ductile iron construction to ensure a lightweight valve to minimize shipping cost
  • A variety of inlet and outlet connections
  • Compact, pre-trimmed and semi-assembled, easy to operate valve trim

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Model DV-5A: Deluge System

The DV-5A is a streamlined version of the original DV-5 deluge valve. The more powerful and efficient valve comes with a lower pressure drop and higher pressure rating, plus easier installation and maintenance.


Fewer moving parts than other deluge valves means lower operating costs, easier installation and service.

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  • Higher pressure rating up to 300 psi and lower pressure drop
  • One moving part simplifies maintenance and operation
  • External reset means no need to remove diaphragm cover
  • Compact trim package offers reduced footprint
  • Integrated alarm port eliminates check valve in pre-action systems

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Red-E Cabinet





The Red-E Cabinet is a pre-assemble and pre-wired package, containing trim, switches, controls and the DV-5 Deluge Valve in a free-standing cabinet. The cabinet is designed to occupy minimal floor space.


Combines the convenience of a pre-assembled, pre-tested solution with the dependable performance for which Tyco is known.


  • DV-5 deluge valve with external reset is standard
  • Grooved connectors on supply and discharge for easy and quick connections
  • Supply and drain connections connectable on either side
  • Windows for viewing gauges and other functions
  • Potter 4410 Releasing Control Panel, other controls are available on request

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Shut Off Valves

BFV-300 Butterfly Valve


Next Generation Butterfly Valve combines unique new features, like tapping boss locations, into a smaller, lighter, more compact design.

Resilient Seated Gate Valves


Ductile iron body weighs approximately 50% less than conventional cast iron valves, which allows easier handling on site and reduced shipping costs.

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