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Tyco Fire Products Brand

7: Sprinkler Warnings, Patterns and Accessories
T.D. Sheet [Date] Description Browse T.D. PDF CAD
TFP700 [08-18]
Installer Warnings
  Translated Versions [PDF]: CS
, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, PT, RU, SV
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TFP710 [08-18]
Sprinkler Spray Patterns Refer to the General Description section before applying the spray pattern data
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TFP720 [02-19]
FASTFLEX Model YN25, YB25, and YB28 Flexible Sprinkler Hose Assembly
  Translated Versions [PDF]: IT
, SV
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TFP725 [06-19]
Model FH-1 Flexible Hose Available in Asia and Pacific Territories Only
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TFP770 [08-18]
Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheons and Protective Paint Caps for Automatic Sprinkler Recessed Installation
  Translated Versions [PDF]: CS
, DE, ES, FR, HU, IT, NL, PT, RO, RU
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TFP777 [08-18]
Style 65, Style 401 Style 65 - One-Piece Flush Escutcheons
Style 401 - Two-Piece Deep Sprinkler Escutcheons
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TFP778 [08-18]
Style 60 Two-Piece Flush Escutcheon, 3/4" NPT
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TFP780 [04-19]
Series TY- Sprinkler Guards, Shields, and Accessories Sprinkler Guards, Shields, and Intermediate Level Accessories
  Translated Versions [PDF]: CS
, DE, ES, FR, IT, PT, RU, SV
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TFP781 [08-18]
Model GUMC/GUWSU Model GUMC/GUWSU Sprinkler Guards For Use With Series TY-B/TY-FRB Sprinklers Only Europe, Middle East, and Africa Only
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TFP784 [08-18]
Model EG-25 Sprinkler Guard Sprinkler Guard for ESFR-25 Pendent Sprinklers
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TFP785 [08-18]
Sprinkler Cabinets 3, 6, or 12 Capacity
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