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Tyco Fire Products Brand

18: Grooved Products
T.D. Sheet [Date] Description PDF Browse CAD
IH-1000FP [10-16]
GRINNELL Fire Protection Products Installation Handbook
[PDF] 3594kb View n/a
TFP1800 [03-11]
GRINNELL, Fire Protection Submittal Sheet
  Translated Versions [PDF]: PT
[PDF] 1401kb View n/a
TFP1815 [05-17]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Grooved Fittings, Ductile Iron
[PDF] 1188kb View n/a
TFP1820 [11-14]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 705 Grooved Flexible Coupling 1" to 12" (DN25 to DN300)
[PDF] 248kb View n/a
TFP1830 [02-17]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 716 Flexible Reducing Coupling
[PDF] 538kb View n/a
TFP1840 [02-17]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 707 Grooved Heavy-Duty Flexible Coupling 1-1/4" to 12" (DN32 to DN300)
[PDF] 375kb View n/a
TFP1854 [11-14]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 577 Grooved Rigid Coupling 1" to 12" (DN25 to DN300)
  Translated Versions [PDF]: PT
[PDF] 310kb View n/a
TFP1856 [03-18]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 579 Grooved Rigid Coupling 2" to 8" (DN50 to DN200)
  Translated Versions [PDF]: BP
, CF, LS
[PDF] 680kb View n/a
TFP1860 [05-16]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 730 Mechanical Tees and Crosses Threaded and Grooved Outlets
  Translated Versions [PDF]: PT
[PDF] 585kb View n/a
TFP1865 [03-13]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 522 Sprinkler Outlets (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)
[PDF] 914kb View n/a
TFP1880 [09-14]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Figure 71 Flange Adapters 2" to 12" (DN50 to DN300)
[PDF] 358kb View n/a
TFP1895 [02-18]
GRINNELL G-FIRE Gasket Service Recommendations for Fire Grooved Products
[PDF] 642kb View n/a
TFP1898 [02-15]
GRINNELL Standard Specifications Roll and Cut Groove for Steel Pipe
[PDF] 355kb View n/a

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