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Tyco Fire Products Brand
Watermist Applications | Tyco Aquamist

The Ultra Low Flow system is a complete engineered solution which includes pumps, valves, discharge nozzles, pipes and fittings, all designed to function as one dedicated fire suppression solution.

AquaMist ULF solution consists of:

  • A pump skid unit
  • Electrical control equipment
  • Discharge nozzles which are located around the protected area: AM4, AM24, AM27, AM29, AM30
  • G-PRESS piping system
  • Optional FASTFLEX flexible hoses
  • Design & technical services
  • The LF system is suitable for a variety of applications, for example machinery protection, heritage buildings and industrial fryers (also known as oil cookers)
  • Click Here for more information about the Industrial Fryer Protection (IFP) Version

How it works

The system operates at working pressures of 7 to 16 bar, producing droplets of water through an engineered discharge nozzle, with different nozzle types for different protected hazards.

The fine mist generated following operation is designed to limit fire growth at an early stage, before the fire can fully develop. The benefits gained include up to a fivefold reduction in the water required, without any detrimental effect on fire fighting capability.


Benefits can be found through lower water demands, translating into lower pressure loses, smaller diameter pipes and lower installation costs when compared to traditional sprinkler systems. As the system uses only water, it produces no adverse environmental impact. 

Quality and Safety Assured

ULF AquaMist systems are supplied through authorized partners. Each partner is trained in the use of the SprinkCAD system software and in the design, installation and commissioning of systems. The ULF AquaMist training module enables system designs from risk assessment all the way through to material take offs. Authorized partners are fully supported by the Tyco technical services team and all Tyco Fire Protection Products are manufactured components and are of the highest quality.


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