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Tyco Fire Products Brand

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Latest - News [February 19, 2020]
02-20 Product Bulletin
Johnson Controls announces Rapid Response LFII Residential 4.9 K-factor Pendent Sprinkler Improvement
01-20 - November 2019 Technical Data Update
Newly Revised Tech Data Now Available
11-19 - Price Increase Announcement, Americas Only
Announcement Letter
07-19 Press Release
RED-E Cabinet Integrated Fire Protection Packages - Featuring the DV-5A Valve
07-19 Press Release
Johnson Controls announces enhanced listings for TYCO® Model CC3 4.2K and 5.6K combustible concealed sprinklers
09/19 - Customer Bulletin
New CPVC Documents
03-19 - Press Release
Johnson Controls expands Tyco® Series LFII Concealed Pendent Sprinkler offering

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