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Tyco Fire Products Brand

Mulsifyre Directional Spray Nozzles, Open, with Strainers High Velocity

  • The Model F822S through F834S Mulsifyre Nozzles are open (nonautomatic) nozzles and they are designed for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications where a high velocity water application may be required. The Mulsifiers are available in six different models that provide a wide range of orifice sizes and water distribution characteristics.
  • The Mulsifyre Nozzles are internal scroll type nozzles and they discharge a uniformly filled cone of relatively high velocity water droplets. Although the Mulsifyre Nozzles are designed primarily for use in fire extinguishment and control, they can also be used for exposure protection.
Tech Data Sheet: TFP811 View |  PDF 272kb

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