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Tyco Fire Products Brand

Sprinkler Guards, Shields, and Intermediate Level Accessories

  • Designed for use with specific types of Series TY-B, TY-FRB, TY-L, and TY-FRL Sprinklers that may be located in areas that make them susceptible to mechanical or physical damage
  • Rugged guard design to minimize possible damage to sprinklers
  • Shields are for use in storage racks or beneath grated mezzanine, or other areas requiring the sprinklers to be shielded from possible discharge from sprinklers above
  • Can be used with either 1/2" or 3/4" NPT sprinklers
Tech Data Sheet: TFP780 View |  PDF 999kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: CS, DE, ES, FR, IT, PT, RU, SV

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