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Tyco Fire Products Brand

Models BB, SD, HIP, and AP Specific Application Sprinklers For Protecting Attics

  • Specific Application Sprinklers for Protecting Attics
  • Wet or dry pipe systems
  • Provides a tested method of protecting an attic
  • Provides a specific cost advantage by reducing the amount of piping required
  • Cover attics to 60Ft. wide with a single line of piping, eliminating the need for as many as five branch lines
  • Saves up to 80% of the piping that would be required with standard sprinklers while providing a higher level of protection
Hazard: Specific App.,Wet or Dry
Temperature: 200,212
Thread: 1/2",3/4"
Approval: UL, ULC
Response: FR
SIN Numbers: TY2190,TY2182,TY2181,TY2180,TY3181,TY3190,TY3187,TY3185,TY3184,TY3183,TY3180,TY3182,TY4181,TY4182,TY4180
Wrench: W6,W3,Adj. Wrench,1106
Wrench [Recessed]:
Tech Data Sheet: TFP610 View |  PDF 1452kb

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