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Tyco Fire Products Brand

AQUAMIST Zone Control Valve Cabinet Industrial Fryer Protection

  • Utilized in the IFP Intermediate Pressure Water Mist system designed to protect industrial fryer hazards.
  • The Zone Control Valve Cabinet receives an alarm signal from the Fire Protection Releasing Panel allowing water flow to the areas of protection based on the incoming electrical signals.
  • The Zone Control Valve Cabinet consists of two zone control valves. The first Zone Control Valve is a 1-1/2" TYCO Model DV-5 body with a specific trim configuration designed for the IFP application, and the other is the 3/4" Fines Box solenoid valve.
  • Listings and Approvals: FM (as part of a FM Approved IFP System)
Tech Data Sheet: TFP2250 View |  PDF 495kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: ES

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