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Tyco Fire Products Brand
  BFV-300 Next Generation Butterfly Valve

Tapping Boss
Compact Design
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Tapping Boss
Downstream tapping boss for
pressure/flow switches, or use as
a drain port to simplify maintenance
Upstream Tapping Bosses allow
direct connection of a prime line to
the deluge valve instead of a by-pass

Tapping boss locations - two locations provide double connectivity. Save time by allowing for quick upstream direct connection to deluge valve and downstream connection of additional components, like pressure or flow switches, or can be used as a drain port for dry system maintenance.

See the difference with fast connection to deluge valve.

Old Solution

BFV-300 (New Solution)

  • Reduces installation time.

  • No need for a tapping saddle to connect the prime line to the pipe.

  • Allows for pre-trimmed, direct connection of prime line to butterfly valve.

  • Downstream boss can be used as a drain port to efficiently drain the system for maintenance.

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