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Tyco Fire Products Brand

Red-E Cabinet Integrated Preaction Fire Protection Package

  • Redesigned to provide simpler installation and maintenance
  • Industry-leading DV-5 deluge valve with external reset is standard
  • Unique splash-proof drain cup is designed to be fail-safe should drain blockage occur?and for the system to remain functional
  • Helps minimize install time with easier access to couplings, as well as pre-grooved inlets and outlets
  • Aligned supply and drain headers across all cabinet sizes
  • More Information: Browse Product Flyer

    At Tyco we believe that you should be able to achieve maximum effectiveness in every fire protection and prevention solution we offer. Our cabinet product is the easiest product we've ever built, and still retains all of it's effective power. Want to know how it works? Discover its features on our online experience.
Tech Data Sheet: TFP1400 View |  PDF 551kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: LV

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