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Multiple Jet Controls
DN20, DN25, DN40, and DN50, 12 bar BSPT Inlet & Outlets Threads

  • The TYCO Series MJC Multiple Jet Controls are control valves with self-contained heat actuating units.
  • They are designed for use as the system control valve for fire protection systems of limited size, where the MJCs are located within the protected area.
  • The MJCs are typically used as an auxiliary deluge valve to control the flow of water to specific areas within a larger wet pipe, dry pipe, or deluge system. As such they can be used with supply piping from either a wet pipe system or a dry pipe or deluge system. In all cases, waterflow alarms are provided by the main automatic control valve for the system that supplies the supply line to the Series MJC Multiple Jet Controls (e.g., alarm valves, dry pipe valves, or deluge valves).
  • Listings and Approvals: LPCB
Tech Data Sheet: TFP1346 View |  PDF 691kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: SV

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