Tyco Fire Products Brand

Deluge Valve with Remote-Resetting Trim 2" to 8" (DN50 to DN200)

  • The TYCO Model DV-5 Deluge Valve with Remote-Resetting Trim is a quick-opening, hydraulically operated, differential-type valve designed for fire protection system service.
  • For use as an automatic water control valve in a deluge fire protection system, this diaphragm-style valve can be opened and closed during a full-flow condition from a remote location.
  • Remote-resetting feature provides the ability to reset the valve from one or more locations.
  • Compact, space-saving design reduces valve room footprint and construction costs.
  • Electric actuation is compatible with all types of automatic and manual release options.
  • Actuation of fire alarms upon system operation is provided.
  • Listings and Approvals: UL and VdS
Tech Data Sheet: TFP1331 View |  PDF 2405kb

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