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Tyco Fire Products Brand

Electronic Dry Pipe Valve Accelerator

  • Maximum working air pressure 70 psi (4,8 bar)
  • Quick opening device intended to reduce the time for dry pipe valve operation following the operation of one or more automatic sprinklers
  • Automatically adjusts to both small and slow changes in system pressure, but trips with a steady drop in pressure (as in the case of sprinkler operation)
  • Can be used to retro-fit existing mechanical accelerators
  • Fully assembled package includes switch, solenoid, control panel, and accelerator trim pipe and fittings
  • Built-in low and high pressure alarm supervision
  • Operation of the dry pipe valve within four seconds -independent of various combinations of system initial air pressures, system volumes, or sprinkler K Factors
  • Proven electronic release technology as used for electrically operated deluge and preaction systems
  • Battery back-up in the event of primary power failure
  • Eliminates re-setting problems often incurred with traditional mechanical accelerators
  • Listings and Approvals: UL, and FM
Tech Data Sheet: TFP1100 View |  PDF 1381kb
Tech Data Translations[PDF]: DE, FR, RU

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