Page 7 - Maximizing installation flexibility and storage capacity using ESFR Storage Sprinklers
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 As shown in Table 2, Tyco Model ESFR-34, Model ESFR-25 and ESFR-22 sprinklers are FM Approved with the maximum thermal element-to-ceiling distance at each ceiling height.
Aisle Width
In addition to sprinkler-to-ceiling distance, aisle width is another key factor for an automatic fire sprinkler protection scheme for a warehouse. NFPA 13:2019 section 3.3.4 defines aisle width as “the horizontal distance between the face
of loads in racks under consideration.” Figure 1 depicts an overhead view of a typical double row rack storage array separated by aisles. Storage fire protection schemes shown in NFPA 13:2019 and FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheet 8-9 identify the minimum aisle width allowed based on ceiling height, storage height, commodity type and sprinkler type.
Aisle width is an important factor in determining the amount of commodity a warehouse can store, which directly impacts warehouse economics. The more commodity that can be stored, the more potential to generate revenue. With regards to K-22.4 and K-25.2 ESFR sprinklers, minimum aisle width
is consistent among all UL Listed or FM Approved sprinklers under ceilings with heights up to 45 feet (13,7m); however, for K-22.4 and K-25.2 ESFR sprinklers UL Listed and FM Approved over 45 feet (13,7m) there are minimum aisle width differences. Table 3 lists K-22.4, K-25.2 and K-28.0 sprinklers that currently have a UL Specific Application Listing up to a 48 foot (14,6m) ceiling and 43 feet (13,1m) of storage along with their minimum listed aisle width.
Figure 1 – Overhead view of typical double row racks separated by aisles

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