Page 15 - Maximizing installation flexibility and storage capacity using ESFR Storage Sprinklers
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 • The Tyco Model ESFR-34 automatic fire sprinkler is approved for ceiling-only protection under a 55 foot (16,8m) ceiling with a minimum 6 foot (1,8m) aisle, which allows the most potential storage capacity of any Listed or Approved ceiling-only fire protection scheme
• Warehouses using the Tyco Model ESFR-34 automatic fire sprinkler at the maximum ceiling height of 55 feet (16,8m) and minimum aisle width of 6 feet (1,8m) can
store approximately:
• 10% more commodity than ceiling-only schemes Listed or Approved at 45 feet (13,7m), 48 feet (14,6m), and 50 feet (15,2m)
• 13% more commodity than other schemes approved with a 55 foot (16,8m) ceiling and an 8 foot (2,4m) aisle
To learn more about how you can use Tyco Models ESFR-34, ESFR-25 and ESFR-22 automatic fire sprinklers to maximize installation flexibility and storage capacity, visit to view technical data sheets, product information, or to request more information.
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