Page 14 - Maximizing installation flexibility and storage capacity using ESFR Storage Sprinklers
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 In summary, Tyco Models ESFR-34, ESFR-25 and ESFR-22 automatic fire sprinklers provide for the most installation flexibility and offer the ability to maximize warehouse storage capacity
• Tyco Models ESFR-22 and ESFR-25 automatic fire sprinklers are UL Listed with a deflector-to-ceiling distance of 18 inches (457mm) and FM Approved with
a thermal element-to-ceiling distance of 17 inches (432mm), providing the most installation flexibility to avoid obstructions that are currently allowed under a 45 foot (13,7m) ceiling
• The Tyco Model ESFR-34 automatic fire sprinkler is
FM Approved for use in ceiling-only fire protection schemes under both 50 foot (15,2m) and 55 foot (16,8m) ceilings with a thermal element-to-ceiling distance of 17 inches (432mm), which provides four (4) additional inches (102mm) of flexibility compared to other ESFR sprinklers approved at the same heights
• The Tyco Model ESFR-25 automatic fire sprinkler is UL Specific Application Listed for ceiling-only fire protection to ceiling heights of 48 feet (14,6m) with a 5 foot (1,5m) aisle width–this sprinkler:
• Provides for more potential storage capacity than other similarly Listed specific application sprinklers with aisle widths greater than 5 feet (1,5m)
• Allows as much potential storage capacity as sprinklers approved with a 6 foot (1,8m) aisle under a 50 foot (15,2m) ceiling

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