Page 10 - Maximizing installation flexibility and storage capacity using ESFR Storage Sprinklers
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 Figure 4 – Plan view of a typical double row rack
From rack height we can estimate the number of tiers the rack will have. Typically a tier is about 5 feet (1,5m) in height, therefore a storage rack that is 40 feet (12,2m) in height can have 8 tiers.
Pallets are typically 42 inches (1066mm) wide and are separated by a 6 inch (152mm) flue space, meaning a pallet can be stored lengthwise every 48 inches (1219mm) or 4 feet (1,2m). Given the rack length of 24 feet (7,3m) from Figure 4, there are 6 pallets (24 divided by 4) per each single. Since this is a double row rack, 6 is multiplied by 2, meaning 12 total pallets for each tier in a double row rack that is 24 feet long. The number of pallets per linear foot of a tier of a double row rack can be determined to be 12 pallets/24 feet or 0.5 pallets/feet.
The number of double row racks is based on Dimension A, the aisle width and the width of the double row rack.
The total number of pallets is calculated based on the following equation:
 7.5 ft (2,3m)
          8 ft 3 in. (2,5m)
   24 ft (7,3m) Nominal
    6 in (150mm)

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