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 Fire Suppression General Products Catalog
 Specialty Items
TYCO® LFP® Antifreeze for Fire Sprinkler Systems
   TYCO® LFP® antifreeze is the first UL Listed antifreeze solution for fire sprinkler systems. The solution is formulated to help ensure fire sprinkler systems operate as intended by allowing flow in temperatures as low as -10°F (-23,3°C). It is compatible with most sprinkler system materials, including CPVC, and can be more cost-effective, as well as easier to install and maintain, than alternate freeze protection methods, such as heat tracing or dry systems.
 Minimum Use Temperature
UL Listed
   *For the purpose of this product, non-toxic means acute exposure to ingredients in the LFP® Antifreeze does not pose a risk of adverse effects in humans or the environment following short-term exposure in scenarios related to fire sprinkler system installation, maintenance, and discharge.
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
-10°F (-23,3°C)
   Maximum Use Temperature
150°F (65°C)
7- 8
   Density at 77°F (25°C)
9.4 lb/gal (1129 kg/m3)
1000—1400 μS/cm
  Tech Data Sheet
 Compatible Materials
  Brass materials, Stainless steel piping, Black steel, Copper, Bronze, Cast iron, CPVC, PEX, EPDM, Natural rubber, Nitrile rubber (BUNA-N), Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR),
Fusion bonded epoxy coated ductile iron
   FBC Compatible • Helps meet NFPA 13, 13R, 13D and 25 requirements • Freeze point -13°F (-25°C) • Listed for use in residential, commercial and some storage applications • Compatible with all sprinkler system materials, including CPVC • Non-toxic* • Pre-mixed solution

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