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 Fire Suppression General Products Catalog
 Deluge & Preaction Systems
Single Interlock Preaction Systems
Wet Pilot, Dry Pilot, or Electric Actuation
The DV-5A Supervised single interlock preaction systems are used to protect areas where there is danger of
serious water damage that might result from damaged automatic sprinklers or piping. Typically, such areas include computer rooms, storage areas for valuable artifacts, libraries and archives. Also, preaction systems are effectively used to protect properties where a prealarm of a possible fire condition may allow time for fire extinguishment by alternate suppression means, prior to a sprinkler discharge. In the event the fire cannot be extinguished, the preaction sprinkler system will then perform as the primary fire protection system.
Single interlock preaction systems employ automatic sprinklers attached to a piping system containing 10
psi (0,7 bar) supervisory pressure, with a supplemental electric fire detection system installed in the same area
as the sprinklers. Preaction systems with 10 psi (0,7 bar) supervisory pressure may also be activated by either
wet or dry pilot sprinklers instead of electric detectors. Actuation of the fire detection system from a fire opens the deluge valve, allowing water to flow into the sprinkler piping system and to be discharged only from those sprinklers that have been operated by heat over the fire. Loss of supervisory pressure from the system piping
as a result of damaged sprinklers or broken piping will activate a trouble alarm to indicate impairment of the system. The deluge valve will not open due to loss of supervisory pressure.
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
       11⁄2" thru 8" (DN40 thru DN200)
 DV-5A Size Range
UL, C-UL Listed & FM Approved
   Maximum Service Pressure Preaction Single Interlock Trim
Wet Pilot Actuation: 300 psi (20,7 bar)
Dry Pilot Actuation: 250 psi (17,2 bar)
Electric Actuation: Per Solenoid, see TFP2180
  End Connection
Thread x Thread, Groove x Groove, Flange x Flange, Flange x Groove
  Flange Drilling
  Tech Data Sheet
   Vertical installation • One internal working part, Diaphragm operation • No linkage or clapper assembly • Light weight ductile iron body • Internally & externally coated • Features external resetting • For deluge, preaction & foam systems

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