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Linear Heat Detection Cable
The Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies which can be used on any panel, and can detect heat anywhere along its entire length.
At the core of the LHD cable is a twisted pair of extremely low resistance, tri-metallic conductors, sheathed in new advanced thermal polymers. These polymers are chemically engineered to break down at specific fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm. The polymer used for the protective outer coating of LHD cable is chemical resistant and UV protected. This allows the LHD cable be used in a wide variety of installations and special hazard applications.
Electrical Devices
        Cable Strain Relief Connectors
Thermo Cable®
Loop Cable Ties
or other approved fastener
LHD Cable Secured to the Sprinkler Pipe by Cable Ties Every 3 - 5 ft.
Maximum 10,000 Feet of LHD Cable Per Zone
J-Box or ELR-Box
Cable Strain Relief Connectors
Linear Heat Detection Cable allows a Quell designed
fire sprinkler system to be more efficient by quickly recognizing the fire, and conveying the information back to the fire alarm panel.
Tri-Metallic Core:
Steel provides tensile strength Copper Increase conductivity Tin for corrosion resistance
Advanced Polymer Thermal Reactant Sheathing
No Protective Tape Required
Chemical and UV Resistant Polymer Outer Covering
Wire O.D. 1⁄8”
Detection Alarm/Release
Leader Wires
Junction Box
                                Min. 18 AWG 18,000 ft. Releasing
Sollenoid Valve
    Ultra K17 Upright Sprinkler Spaced 10 ft. Apart
3-5 ft.
10 ft.
3-5 ft.
10 ft.
3-5 ft.
                                 Potter® Electronic Series PFC-4410-RC Releasing Panel
DV-5 Deluge/Preaction Valve
                 LHD Cable Secured to the Sprinkler Pipe with Guide Wire Every 3-5 ft.
UL, C-UL Listed & FM Approved
     Temperature Range
155° F (68°C) (typical temperature) 172° F (78°C), 190° F (88°C)
220° F (105°C)
   Available Jacket Material
Polyproplene, PVC, Nylon
0.05 ohms/ft Resistance per Twisted Pair
   RF Tested
Up to 10,000 linear ft.
  Tech Data Sheet
Contact Tyco for details
    Ideal for double interlock preaction detection • Install up to 10,000 linear feet per zone • Compatible with any conventional releasing panel listed for fire • Can detect heat anywhere along the entire length of cable • Multiple alarm temperatures can be incorporated in the same zone • Easy to add a module • Lower material & installation cost
      Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.

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