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 DAP Series
Dry Air PacTM
General’s DAP Series Dry Air PacTM is an FM Approved, twin tower regenerative dryer / compressor package. This turnkey system is designed to provide
the sprinkler system with moisture free air to a -40°F Dew Point. The air compressor is designed to fill the sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 13 standards, as well as provide the higher pressure needed to allow the twin tower regenerative dryer to function properly.
Prior to entering the regenerative air dryer, an air cooled aftercooler cools the compressor’s hot discharge air to a maximum 100°F. A coalescing prefilter with differential pressure gauge removes oil vapor and other contaminants that can destroy the desiccant in the dryer towers. A combination particulate filter and regulator prevents downstream migration of desiccant dust while regulating air pressure to the sprinkler system.
The Dry Air PacTM is controlled by one integrated control panel complete with flow diagram display, 120 volt control circuit with indicating lights for tower drying, drain valve activation and compressor operation, along with panel mounted hour meter, separate drain valve duration and interval controls, drain valve on/off switch and panel control on/off switch. Four panel-mounted pressure gauges are provided for receiver, outlet and drying tower pressures. Purge set pressure gauge is separately mounted and conveniently located at the purge valve for ease of setting the purge flow.
All components are pre-piped, pre-tested, and pre- wired
for ease of mechanical and electrical installation on site. Each unit includes a UL Listed, FM Approved Air Maintenance Device. -100°F dew point is achievable - consult factory for details.
Applications for the Dry Air PacTM include, but are not limited to Freezer Rooms, Cold Storage Warehouses, Attic Spaces and Parking Garages.
Electrical Devices
 Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
FM Approved
 Tech Data Sheet
Contact Tyco for details
   Combination afterfilter and regulator • A separate port is provided for attachment of a dewpoint-monitoring device • Oversized mufflers • Fully integrated control panel • Compact air cooled after cooler • Prefilter with differential pressure • Vibration pads • The Dry Air PacTM comes fully charged with desiccant so that no on-site desiccant installation is required at startup • Separate desiccant fill and drain ports are provided to allow re-charging of the dryer tanks without disassembly of the dryer component piping • A coalescing filter, with integral differential pressure gauge, removes oil and water droplets prior to entry to into the desiccant dryer • The single stage compressor allows for maximum efficiency. Standard equipment includes intercooler, oil fill/breather, oil sight glass and easily removable drain plug

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