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 Fire Suppression General Products Catalog
 Electrical Devices
Riser Mounted Air Compressor
Fully Automatic
Model G16AC812
Automatic Supervisory Air Supply
      Tech Data Sheet
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   Fully automatic and are designed for easy installation • Special mounting kits are available to facilitate riser mounting • Sized properly, these compressors will fill a system to 40 Psi within 30 minutes as required in NFPA 13
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
UL Listed & CSA Certified
   Nominal Supervisory Air Pressure
10 psi (0,7 bar)
  Tech Data Sheet
   Supplies and maintains air in single interlock preaction fire protection systems • Can be mounted on the floor, on a wall, or to the system riser using optional brackets

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