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 Fire Suppression General Products Catalog
 Electrical Devices
PCVS Control Valve Supervisory Switch
Tamper & Alarm Switch
Tamper & Alarm Switch
Solenoid Valve
For Releasing Service
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
      Tech Data Sheet
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   Weather proof and tamper resistant switch for monitoring the open position of post indicator, butterfly and other types of fire sprinkler/control valves
      Tech Data Sheet
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   Used to monitor the open position of an OS&Y (outside screw and yoke) type gate valve • Mounts conveniently to most OS&Y valves ranging in size from 2" (DN50) to 12" (DN300) • Can be used on some valves as small as 1⁄2" • Models include options for one or two sets of SPDT (Form C) contacts.
1⁄2" (DN15)
UL Listed, FM Approved & CE Certified
  Working Pressure
20 thru 250 psi (1,4 - 17,2 bar)
  Tech Data Sheet
   Used in conjunction with an electric releasing panel that is listed or approved (as appropriate) for fire protection releasing service, and where the releasing panel is operated by listed or approved (as appropriate) electric fire detectors • Available in a variety of voltages for both normal and hazardous locations

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