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 Fire Suppression General Products Catalog
 Deluge & Preaction Systems
Integrated Fire Protection Packages
The TYCO DV-5A Red-E Cabinet is a pre-assembled fire protection valve package enclosed within a free-standing cabinet designed to occupy minimal floor space and to provide an aesthetically pleasing enclosure for a fire protection valve riser. The entire package is pre- wired and the water inlet and outlets to the valve riser are grooved to provide minimal installation time. The valve package includes the system (manual) shut-off control valve, automatic water control valve, and waterflow/supervisory switches. When dry pilot actuation is utilized, a built-in air compressor with associated controls provides an automatic air supply for the dry pilot lines.
Integral to the DV-5A Red-E Cabinet is a control panel and back-up batteries for providing electrical alarm, supervisory, and trouble functions. All switches within the cabinet are pre- wired to the control panel, making the electrical connections for power, detection circuits (as applicable), and alarms the only remaining connections to complete the system.
In addition to the control panel being integral to the DV-5A Red-E Cabinet, windows have been provided in the door for viewing the releasing panel functions and essential system pressure gauges. A lock for the control panel access door is standard, and a lock for the cabinet door is optional.
       Size Range
Maximum Service Pressure
DN40 thru DN200 (11⁄2" thru 8") valve risers
UL, C-UL Listed & FM Approved
  20.7 bar (300 psi)
    Types of System
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
Deluge Systems: TFP1301
- Wet Pilot Actuation - Dry Pilot Actuation - Electric Actuation - Remote Reset
- Remote Reset Pressure Reducing
Single Interlock Preaction Systems: TFP1401
- Wet Pilot Actuation
- Dry Pilot Actuation
- Electric Actuation
Double Interlock Preaction Systems: TFP1401 - Electric/Pneumatic Actuation
- Electric/Electric Actuation
  End Connection
Groove x Groove
   Tech Data Sheet
TFP1301 – Deluge Systems Cabinet TFP1401 – Preaction Systems Cabinet
DV-5A Deluge Valve Tech Data Sheets
Deluge Wet / Dry /Electric - TFP1306
Remote Reset - TFP1325
Remote Reset Pressure Reducing - TFP1326 Single Interlock Wet / Dry / Electric - TFP1425 Double Interlock E/E E/P - TFP1450
Type A - TFP1485
   Aesthetically pleasing appearance • Professionally assembled • Minimal installation time • Internally wired • Custom manufactured • Model DV-5A deluge valve (standard) • All gauges and panel display are externally visible

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