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 Double Interlock Preaction Systems
Electric/Electric or Electric/Pneumatic Actuation
The DV-5A Double Interlock Preaction Systems are designed for applications such as refrigerated areas that require the maximum degree of protection against inadvertent flooding of the sprinkler system piping.
The double interlock system consists of a deluge valve and swing check valve with releasing trim featuring
both a solenoid valve and a dry pilot actuator in a series configuration. The swing check valve isolates the body of the deluge valve from the system air or nitrogen pressure that holds the dry pilot actuator closed. The solenoid valve remains closed until it is electrically energized by a deluge releasing panel that responds to the operation of a fire detection device.
In order to actuate the double interlock preaction system, two independent events, caused by a fire condition, must occur. The sprinkler system piping must lose air or nitrogen pressure due to the operation of one or more sprinklers, and the deluge releasing panel must energize and open the solenoid valve upon the operation of a fire detection device.
The double interlock system will operate only when both the dry pilot actuator and the solenoid valve are open at the same time. Opening of the dry pilot actuator only (for example: a forklift truck accidentally dislodges a sprinkler) or of the solenoid valve only (for example: accidental operation of an electric manual pull station) will cause an alarm, and will not trip the system or flood the sprinkler system piping.
Always refer to the product’s Technical Data Sheet for a complete description of all Listing and Approval criteria, design parameters, installation instructions, care and maintenance guidelines, and our limited warranty.
Deluge & Preaction Systems
        DV-5A Size Range
DN40 thru DN200 (11⁄2" thru 8")
UL, C-UL Listed & FM Approved
   Preaction Double Interlock Trim
Electric/Electric Actuation, Electric/Pneumatic Actuation
  End Connection
Thread x Thread, Groove x Groove, Flange x Flange, Flange x Groove
  Flange Drilling
  Tech Data Sheet
   Vertical installation • One internal working part, Diaphragm operation • No linkage or clapper assembly • Light weight ductile iron body • Internally & externally coated • Features external resetting • For deluge, preaction & foam systems 77

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