Page 230 - U. S. List Prices for Sprinklers, Devices, Grooved Piping, CPVC, Accessories and Repair Parts
P. 230

   Discontinued Sprinkler Accessories
The following repair parts are applicable to items that have been discontinued and are no longer available. Although the parts are shown in this catalog, TFPP does not guarantee the availability of the items. The parts shown in this section will be sold as long as they are available. TFPP does not have any plans to continue the production of these discontinued parts.
  Note: All Items Are Non-Returnable
                  Price Book - Section 20 Miscellaneous
Effective Date January 5, 2021
       See latest Technical Data Sheets for specific Approvals, Listings, Design Parameters & available finishes.
Supersedes 1/06/2020 20 – 10
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