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                 AquaMist systems are a versatile and highly efficient fire-fighting resource, featuring unique nozzles, which have been designed and rigorously tested to protect against a wide range of fire risks.
AquaMist systems offer an innovative and easy to use water-based fire suppression solution which is dependable, safe and carries comprehensive industry approvals. All AquaMist solutions have been tested by an independent third party.
Selecting the most appropriate Water Mist solution is not only about extinguishing the fire, it is about protecting the contents of the building and minimizing water damage. It is also about optimizing budgets and protecting the reputation of the specifier.
                 AquaMist Systems at Work
Evaporation (heat extraction) is a function of surface area of droplets
Reducing droplet size increases surface area
Increase in surface area allows for larger cooling effect for
a given flow
Oxygen Vapor
Water converts to Vapor expanding by a factor of 1650 times
Oxygen is displaced and diluted, thereby blocking it from the
fuel source
Higher heat level causes a faster vaporization
Blocks radiant heat and cools gases
Fire extinguishment is improved with direct contact of water droplets
This type of extinguishment is normally associated with standard sprinklers
Important part of operation if ventilation is a factor and Class A combustibles are present
Larger drops penetrate to burning surface
Small water droplets tend to remain suspended
The expanding mist will expand and cool the gases and other fuels in the area
Blocks the transfer of radiant heat to the adjacent combustibles and pre-wets them

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