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main drain connection size is indicated in the Red-E Cabinet DV-5A technical data sheets TFP1301 and TFP1401.
Connect the water supply header to a water main of sufficient size in accordance with NFPA standards and other applicable codes.
Connect the system connection to a network of sprinkler heads.
IMPORTANT: Connect the cabinet drains to a drain that is capable of handling the discharge from
a fully open main drain valve at the supply pressure without causing water damage to the surrounding area and/or equipment. Always follow applicable plumbing codes when connecting the drain.
Connect the main drain to an appropriately sized drainpipe, to an outdoor area, a funnel drain, sump or other drain.
Electrical Connections
Deluge and preaction Red-E Cabinet models require power connections and initiating circuit connections. Audible and visual signaling device circuit connections and remote signal circuit connections may also be required. Verify which circuits will be needed for your particular installation. Standard pre-action and deluge dry pilot release Red-E Cabinets require two power sources, one for the control panel (or lighting features) and one for the air compressor. Deluge electric and wet pilot units do not require an air compressor, so only a panel (or lighting feature) power supply is required. To access the wiring connections to the compressor, use the conduit coupling provided at the roof of the enclosure to route wires down to the cut-out switch at the compressor. Follow wiring recommendations in the General Air Products, Inc. Oil-Less Compressor Instruction Sheets
which were provided with the unit.
    Figure 1 Small Cabinet Enclosure
Figure 2 Large Cabinet Enclosure

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