Page 8 - Red-E Cabinet DV-5A Installer's Manual
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Positioning the Cabinet
Place the cabinet on a hard level surface. The cabinet is equipped with rollers that allow it to be moved more easily into its final position. Once the cabinet is located, retract the wheels by turning the adjusting nut in the counter-clockwise direction to lower the cabinet rails until they contact the floor.
Unevenness in the floor can cause the cabinet doors to appear misaligned, minor floor unevenness can be corrected by using the adjustable wheels. On the door side that appears lower, raise the cabinet by turning the adjusting nut to raise the cabinet. Use shims to fill voids between the cabinet base and the floor.
     Adjusting Nut
Figure 1 Base Wheel Adjustment Parts
Figure 2 Base Wheel Retraction
      Figure 3 Bolt Hole Locations Figure 4 Wheel Base Extension
The cabinet is provided with anchor point bolt holes. These can be used to bolt the cabinet to the floor if this is required. If an anchor point is not in contact with the floor due to unevenness, use shims to fill the space before tightening down anchor bolts.
Piping Connections
The Red-E Cabinet requires a minimum of three piping connections; water supply, system connection and main drain. The connections can be made from the right or left side of the cabinet in any combination. The water supply and system connections are grooved schedule 40 pipe. The

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