Page 7 - Red-E Cabinet DV-5A Installer's Manual
P. 7

Read Documentation
q Read the documentation which was provided with the unit Position the cabinet.
q Insure sufficient room for cabinet door swings.
q Place near an open drain (funnel drain, sump, etc.).
q Take into consideration the supply and system piping, drains and electrical conduits.
Connect the Piping
q Connect the water supply to the cabinet.
q Connect the sprinkler system to the top outlet of cabinet. q Connect the main drain header to a suitable drain.
Connect the Electrical Circuits
q Connect the initiating circuits.
q Connect the bells, sirens and strobes lights.
q Connect the remote signals.
q Connect the compressor power supply circuit. q Connect the panel power supply circuit.
Set the System
q Start up the control panel q Set the valve.

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