Page 6 - Red-E Cabinet DV-5A Installer's Manual
P. 6

This manual provides guidance for the installation of Red-E Cabinet DV-5A integrated fire protection packages. The installation procedure does not cover the testing and commissioning of the system. The entire sprinkler system including this integrated package must be tested before placing the system in operation. A competent fire protection technician should do testing of the system in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards, Building Codes, and Owner’s and Insurer’s test procedures.
This manual is not a replacement of the technical data sheets for assemblies and individual components used in a Red-E DV-5A Cabinet. The technical data sheets contain important information concerning safety, system operation, maintenance and equipment testing responsibilities.
Read and understand the Installation, Operation and Instruction Manual for the Potter PFC-4410RC and the General Air Products, Inc. Oil-Less Compressor Instruction Sheets which were provided with this unit. These documents include important safety warnings, installation instructions and testing and maintenance procedures for those devices which are included in this unit

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