Page 40 - Red-E Cabinet DV-5A Installer's Manual
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Perform Steps 1 through 16 when initially setting the TYCO DV-5A Valve, after an operational test of the fire protection system, or after system operation due to a fire. Refer to Figure 13, Figure 14, or Figure 15, as applicable.
Step 1. Close the System Main Control Valve (2).
Step 2. Close the Diaphragm Supply Valve (5). For Dry Pilot Actuation, close the Dry Pilot Air Supply
Valve (36).
Step 3. Close the Supervisory Air Supply Valve (27).
Step 4. Open the Main Drain Valve (4), System Drain Valve (23),and all auxiliary drains in the system. Close the auxiliary drain valves and the System Drain Valve (23) after water ceases to discharge. Leave the Main Drain Valve (4) open.
At this time make certain that the Pressure Gauge Valves and the Alarm Control Valve (OP 1), as applicable, are open.
Step 5. Depress the plunger of the Automatic Drain Valve (3) to verify that it is open.
Step 6. Clean the Diaphragm Supply Strainer (13) by removing the clean-out plug and strainer basket. The Diaphragm Supply Strainer (13) may be flushed out by momentarily opening the Diaphragm Supply Valve (5).
Step 7. Replace any operated sprinklers on the system piping, as applicable. Step 8. Reset the automatic actuation system.
Wet Pilot Actuation — Replace operated pilot sprinklers and/or reset the remote Manual Control Stations.
Dry Pilot Actuation — Replace operated pilot sprinklers and/or reset the remote Manual Control Stations. Re-establish dry pilot pneumatic pressure.
Electric Actuation — Reset the electric detection system in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to de-energize the solenoid valve.
In order to prevent the possibility of a subsequent operation of an overheated solder type pilot sprinkler, any solder type pilot sprinklers that were possibly exposed to a temperature greater than their maximum rated ambient must be replaced.
Step 9. Operate (open) the Manual Control Station (8) and then open the Diaphragm Supply Valve (5). After unaerated water ceases to discharge from the Manual Control Station (8) drain tube, slowly close the operating lever by pushing it up. Do not close the hinged cover at this time.
Step 10. After allowing water to flow out of the Manual Reset Actuator (6) drain tube until aerated water ceases to discharge, reset the Manual Reset Actuator (6) by pressing the Reset Knob and hold until the pressure builds and reaches approximately 15 psi (1,0 bar) on the Diaphragm Gauge (15) and water stops flowing from its drain tube. Pressure will then build up in the DV-5A Diaphragm Chamber.
For Wet Pilot Actuation, crack open the Inspector’s Test Connection and any other vent valves on the wet pilot line to relieve trapped air. After the discharge of air has stopped, close the vent valves and the Inspector’s Test Connection.
Note: After relieving trapped air, check the Manual Reset Actuator (6) to make sure there is no water draining from its drain tube. If water is draining, reset the Manual Reset Actuator (6) as previously instructed.

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