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It is normal for the control panel to indicate various supervisory conditions related to supervised valve position and system air pressure while the valve is being set. These may be silenced by pressing on the “Buzzer Silence” button.
Single Interlock Preaction Valve Setting Procedure
Perform Steps 1 through 16 when initially setting the TYCO DV-5A Valve, after an operational test of the fire protection system, or after system operation due to a fire. Refer to Figure 13, 14, or 15, as applicable.
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DV-5A Valve Auto. System Main Control Valve N.O. Automatic Drain Valve Auto. Main Drain Valve N.C. Diaphragm Supply Valve N.O. Manual Reset Actuator
Wet Pilot Line Connection
Manual Control Station N.C. Alarm Test Valve N.C. Drip Funnel Drain
Water Supply Gauge
Water Supply Gauge Test Valve N.O. Diaphragm Supply Strainer
Diaphragm Supply Check Valve Auto. Diaphragm Gauge
System Riser
Drain Header
Supply Header
Waterflow Pressure Switch
Water Motor Alarm Connection
Downstream Shut Off Valve N.O. Funnel Drain Check Valve Auto. System Drain Valve N.C. System Gauge
System Gauge Valve N.O. Supervisory Air Check Valve Auto. Supervisory Air Supply Valve N.O. Supervisory Air Pressure Relief Valve Auto. Supervisory Air Supply Connection N.O. Supervisory Low Pressure Switch
Alarm Control Valve (Optional) N.O.
  Figure 10 Single Interlock Preaction Wet Pilot Actuation Schematic Piping Diagram

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