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                                                  How EAS-1 works
• Sprinklers are installed on existing system piping
• Each sprinkler has an attached heat sensor
• All sensors are wired back to a suppression releasing panel
• During a fire event, heat sensors detect a fire
• The system identifies the fire location and activates between 6 and
9 sprinklers simultaneously (only those required to address the fire)
    How is EAS-1 different?
Traditional System: Random Activation
EAS-1 System: Simultaneous Activation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Traditional sprinkler technology is mechanical:
• No control over where/when sprinklers will operate during a fire
• Up to 80% of discharged water is wasted
• Delayed activation, some sprinklers
in the fire zone may not activate
Electronically Activated Sprinkler System Technology:
• Only sprinklers required to address the fire are activated – centered on ignition
• Water use efficiency of close to 100% • Faster, simultaneous activation
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