Page 2 - EAS-1 Electronically Activated Sprinkler System Advanced Storage
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  Finally a sprinkler system for the ever-changing world of warehousing and logistics.
E-commerce has dramatically changed the way warehouses operate. With 2-day, overnight, and same-day delivery becoming the new norm, companies must adapt to meet customer expectations. This new paradigm makes fire protection paramount to keep business moving. In fact, increased plastic content in packaging that’s utilized to transport and store products creates new, higher risk challenges – and current sprinkler systems may fall short.
Earlier detection. Less damage.
Features and Benefits of the EAS-1 System
• Up to 60% smaller fires and reduced water damage thanks to earlier fire detection
• Uses 50% of the required water compared to traditional systems
• Maximizes the use of existing infrastructure – keep the pipe, change the sprinklers
• Minimizes the addition of new equipment – no new pump or tank
• Maximizes warehouse operational flexibility
• Avoids the use of in-rack sprinklers and vertical barriers
• Offers the ability to store 30’ of exposed expanded
plastics under a 35’ ceiling
• Creates improved architectural design flexibility –
sensors can be located up to 12 inches laterally
from sprinklers, and up to 36 inches vertically
• All system components are UL Listed

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