Nothing else measures up to ANSUL®.

The PIRANHA system now features a performance tested and proven nozzle design that allows agent discharge nozzles to be installed at increased heights and out of view while providing the same reliable protection. Added benefits include:

  • UL listed
  • Complements decor
  • Eliminates visible nozzle drop piping
  • Reduces potential for nozzle redirection or obstruction
  • Reduces potential for grease accumulation around the nozzle
  • Simplifies hood cleaning and service
  • Easy to upgrade existing systems

Combining the best attributes of PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant and water, the PIRANHA system cools cooking oils up to 15 times faster, uses 60% less agent and requires fewer agent storage tanks than conventional single-agent systems.

Now with the new increased nozzle height, the PIRANHA system truly integrates aesthetics with premium performance.

For over 50 years, ANSUL restaurant fire suppression systems have remained best in class, and are preferred by restaurant franchisees and owners all over the world.

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About ANSUL PIRANHA increased nozzle heights.

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