Building Information Modelling (BIM) library

BIM Available

Supporting a new era of digital modelling that will enable the construction industry to design fire protection and detection systems with greater clarity, more foresight and build with greater accuracy using exact requirements.

Tyco is ready for Building Information Modelling (BIM), offering a wide selection of BIM objects that are free to download:

// Fire Detection:

FireClass (EN54 approved)

Zettler (EN54 approved)

// Mechanical Products:

Grinnell (password required)

// Water Products:

Tyco Fire Products (password required)

Find out more about BIM

Watch this video for our overview of BIM:

tyco fire

Read our user guide to find out more about BIM:

BimPDF Contents
What is BIM?
How does BIM affect the rest of Europe?
What are BIM objects?
Why BIM?
Trust a good BIM
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